Friday, March 15, 2013

Walgreens and Target Makeup Haul

Today, I went a little makeup and face product crazy at Walgreens and Target. I have been obsessively watching videos and following the blogs of Ingrid and Zoe which I will link at the end of this post. The first product I got was the Revlon Colorstay foundation for combination/oily skin in the shade Sand Beige. I have heard Ingrid absolutely raving about this foundation and it was only $9.99 at Target. I can't wait to try this. 

This is the Maybelline Clean Express makeup remover. What attracted me to this is the ultra gentle, oil free formula for removing waterproof  makeup. It is also safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes, which I am both of those people. Ingrid raved about this as well.

This Clay Mask from Freeman was something my friend Chelsea told me to try. I've been looking for a nice yet reasonably priced mask and this was under $5 at Walgreens. 

This is yet another product Ingrid has been raving about for a while. I got the Maybelline Falsies  mascara in the waterproof formula. I also get oily and watery eyes so my eye products I prefer in waterproof formulas.

Another Ingrid recommendation, I finally broke and bought a Maybelline Baby Lips. I got the shade Peach Kiss. 

This Dream Lumi Touch highlighting concealer is something I see Ingrid use in all of her tutorials and favorites videos. I just had to try it. I got the shade radiant.

I have heard so much about the Maybelline BB cream and my suitemate uses this product. She recommended I try it. I got the shade light/medium.

This elf baked eyeshadow was only $3 at Target. I couldn't pass up the deal. The shade here is called Pixie. 

I've been dying to get a Maybelline Vivid lipcolor since I saw Zoe and Ingrid talk about them. I went crazy and got the shade Hot Plum. 

I love the outer casing on the Vivid lipcolors. 
This is what the color looks like. Almost a fuschia but it is a bit more purple-y.

I also got a Loreal Colour Riche lip balm in the shade Provence Romance. This isn't very pigmented at all but is a really great balm. 

The pretty casing is what attracted me to it right away.

That's all for today! I can't wait to try these products and let you all know what I think of them! Please go check out Ingrid and Zoe! They are amazing!

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